Fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy secretly dating

fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy secretly dating
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Lucy Sleeps With Natsu! Fairy Tail Chapter 514 - Natsu & Lucy Together

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DESCRIPTION: To Gray's dismay, they ran in the wrong direction. The entire guild was focused on them, with some looking confused and shocked. His gray eyes were looking so sincerely at her that she couldn't resist and kissed him passionately..

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Our Not So Secret Relationship Chapter 1: The Mission, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

Or are you on your monthly period? When they entered the guild, surprisingly, it was rather quiet. As if hearing him, the duo snapped out of their trance and looked around the guild almost questioningly. She was too formidable. I'm happy for Natsu and Lucy, but it's going to be hard seeing her heartbroken.


fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy secretly dating
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Then Levy dashed over and sat on other side of Lucy. We can't be this intimate or sweet infront of others..

  • We're going to Onibus" Gray took the paper and read the mission. Finally, Gray had arrived at Lucy's apartment and was gasping for air..
  • Natsu has a girlfriend?, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

Sometimes, it was subtle..

  • Aug 6, - After their last mission, Natsu & Lucy start dating. When they get home, they forget to tell their friends. Will they found out? Plus, the enemy from.
  • Sep 26, - Tumblr Request: Natsu is in a secret relationship with Lucy, but .. Kinda the perks of dating a Fairy Tail mage," Natsu beamed proudly and.
  • Aug 27, - Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - [Natsu D., Lucy H.] Mira thought that is what they would say if they were secretly dating.

She quickly hid behind an aisle. She could smell the scent of Bickslow on Lisanna, so she knew they were together. How are you today? He, too, seemed ensnared lufy Lucy's captivating eyes as he remained unblinking, as though she would vanish the second he did. During the fight on their latest mission, Team Natsu got separated as more dark mages started swarm them.

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