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My name is Brenda, 28 years: I do not measure life with money, cars, houses. All this is emptiness in comparison with children, parents and beloved man. I try to be a girl, who is pleasant to look at, interesting to listen to, with whom you can genuinely laugh and look forward to meeting. I am mature, communicative, friendly, kind and loyal. I study, work, play volleyball, read a lot, cook tasty, meet my good friends and love my family. I am serious about my search and i beliebe that any relationship is difficult, but if you want to be there, even when not everything is perfect, then this is for real. Where are you, my REAL ONE?.

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My name is Jennifer, 26.: I'm looking for a man who will be active and easy going. Who will accept me as I am. My goal is to create strong and happy relationships, I hope my man will support me in this. I we enjoy spending time together, like having rest, fun, travel, play with children and just have a romantic evening together in our house near a cozy fireplace. I want to meet the responsible man who wants to be happy with me.

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