Talking difference on gender and language

talking difference on gender and language
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Gender and Language Processing

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DESCRIPTION: AudiobookStand Discount Audiobooks on Disc. Levine edsCulture theory: Theory, Research, and Practice1516—.

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Talking Difference: On Gender and Language - Mary Crawford - Google Books

Reconceptualizing theory and method in research with women. Crouch eds , The sociology of the languages of American women pp. Please contact your librarian or administrator to find out if you can access this site using Athens or Shibboleth. Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

Talking Difference: On Gender and Language.

talking difference on gender and language
My name is Bertha, 27.: I am romantic and kind,sincere,tender, mild person in my nature.I have a good sense of humor, optimistic in my soul.

Kramarae , and N..

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  • Talking Difference: On Gender and Language | Alia | Canadian Journal of Communication

Crouch eds , The sociology of the languages of American women..

  • MARY CRAWFORD, Talking difference: On gender and language. London. Thousand Oaks (CA): Sage, Pp. xiii, Hb $, pb $ Reviewed by.
  • Mary Crawford writes brilliantly, powerfully and lucidly Mary Crawford is Professor of Psychology and Graduate Director of Women's Studies, University of South Carolina. She is co-author (with Rhoda Unger) of Women and Gender: A Feminist Psychology (Second Edition, ).
  • The book addresses such provocative questions as: Why has the study of gender and language so often focused on the limitations of women's talk? How do.

The book is aimed primarily at researchers and students in gender and language, talking difference on gender and language their disciplinary background. She is hopeful about the prospects for discourse analysis, with its emphasis on reflexivity and self-questioning. Why does it seem that cross-sex communication is fraught with ambiguity and danger? Quarterly Journal of Speech60 gendsr, 14— Faculty of Information and Media Studies,

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