Vampire diaries damon and elena hook up

vampire diaries damon and elena hook up
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The Vampire Diaries: 8x16 - Stefan's funeral, Elena wakes up and kisses Damon [HD]

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DESCRIPTION: Damon was standing in front of the fireplace and said he wanted to apologize, but then realized he wasn't sorry. Near the end of the vampire diaries damon and elena hook up, Elena fed on Matt again and would've killed him this time had Damon not shown up to stop her. Elena asks why they don't just hunt down Wes for the antidote and Damon confesses he killed him. Jeremy convinces Elena and Damon that Liv knows a lot about the Travelers and will help them in protecting Elena..

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Elena and Damon | The Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Later, Elena is packing her stuff and Damon asks her to not leave but she says that when they are together they do bad things for each other and she can't live with that. She then has another vision in which she sees the house address and hence announces where to find Markos. The truth is, of course, that Damon wants that with his brother, too. Jeremy made Elena go to graduation but she was still shown to be worried about Damon. Stefan comes in and says that he needs a new tie for the Homecoming dance. How are Elena and Katherine related in Vampire Diaries? Damon says I love you and leaves while Elena continues to cry and pleas with him to return to her.

Elena and Damon.

vampire diaries damon and elena hook up
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Going into the season finale , Damon and Elena hear of Stefan's death and are devastated by it..

  • Later, Elena is freaking out as she can't find a dress for Bonnie's funeral and breaks down into tears telling Damon how she can't do this again..
  • Elena and Damon
  • When does Elena get together with Damon in The Vampire Diaries? - Quora

Damon would let that person grow up, start a family, and then kill them all except for one, let them grow up and start a family, and do it over and over again. And he snapped his neck..

  • Oct 2, - Damon & Elena's 10 best moments from 'The Vampire Diaries' With his final moments looming, Elena curls up to the dying Damon and.
  • Damon and Elena Sex! SHARE ME on TWITTER: After long last Vampire Diaries fans got.
  • Dec 9, - This is the kissing/make out scene between Damon and Elena when they are staying at a motel in Season 3. AND ELENA KISSED DAMON WHEN HE HAD THE WOLF BITE. She told me that elena only chose Damon because of the sire bond, that she wasn't in love with him before she was a vampire.

She takes his face in between her hands and says soothingly "We'll survive this, vampire diaries damon and elena hook up always survive. He apologizes to both Elena and Alaric, and remains loyal to both daon them. Stefan said he believes Elena makes Damon happy, which means he's not out there killing people. When Caroline was turned into a vampire, Damon said that she'd have to die, and Elena was revolted by the idea of killing her. He then gave up, saying that she was responsible for whatever would happen because of Diariess from now on.

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