Should i call or text him

should i call or text him
My name is Louise, 28 years: I’m active and cheerful, live a healthy lifestyle, kind hearted and secure with myself. Successful in my profession. Looking for a man that wants happiness and can appreciate a good, honest, sprightly woman with strong family values..

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DESCRIPTION: He is here looking for a job. Maybe things are a little weird because now we are just friends, not co-workers anymore? Get out and enjoy it!.

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Thanks for your comments. Clingy is not cute. But, now he texts me on holidays and sporadically. Who put him off? He will roam here and there. I gave him my address and the address that I would be at, since I travel a lot and was out of town for the holidays, so he could send it to.

Should I Text Him?.

should i call or text him
My name is Heather, 19.: I am a cheerful, open, communicative and friendly person. I can say for sure, that I am a honest, direct and intelligent lady. I am an optimist and I do my best to keep a good spirit all the time. I always treat people the way I want to be treated by them. My close people say that I have a good character, a kind heart and a great sense of humor.

I invited him to a small group study and he started going. On the other hand, if he's strongly attracted to you, he'll give you the benefit of the doubt, make excuses for you -- as in "Oh, she's not a texter" or "Maybe she didn't get my text..

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I told him I could come up to visit him..

  • May 25, - Plenty of women would prefer a phone call over a text from guys they're There's no mystery, no distance for him to pursue, if all he has to do it.
  • Jan 9, - As single millennials, the “Should I text him first? . Nate, 30, would also opt out: “I am more of a phone caller, [it] shows more intimacy.”.
  • Apr 27, - It's Friday, you haven't heard anything from him, but you don't want to make plans and then have him call. You text him, "Hey, did you still want.

I have yet to meet someone I connect with. Oh well, thanks for the good should i call or text him. I tend to be a big texter, I dont think he is. Here are some things you can try: An ex-boyfriend of mine, kind of on-again-off-again, was trying to get things "on again" with me, and had set up a dinner date with me by e-mail. If you didn't hear back, you wouldn't just shrug it off and forget about it.

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