Witty response to how are you

witty response to how are you
My name is Emma, 22 years: I am a simple girl who want to love and to be beloved. I like to make my home cosy and comfortable. All my friends like to be my guests. But I am still waiting for main guest in my life and my home, man who will love me and make me happy.First of all, please, don't consider me as an another silly girl - registering on here was my well-considered and serious decision..

Times You Wish You Had A Witty Response

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DESCRIPTION: Ah, the forever pessimist. Your attempt at social interaction is hereby acknowledged. How am I right now? I feel much better now that you are with me..

#1 xaritou18: Got pretty weird when everybody started getting on eddy hes questions things sometimes he hits and sometimes he misses badly, don't get annoyed at the man who questions everything we need people like that.

#2 ANTIpOFF: Superbe mixage qui rappelle que de bon souvenir MERCI .MERCI .MERCI

#3 ar11cl5b: Lol Damn dude if you're going to upload a 49 minute chunk of the podcast why not just link to it? You're basically just stealing views.

#4 necrolife: Roses are red, violets are blue, I made lots of slime, but now there's no glue.*

#5 twinkletoss: Teach that Gunner's Mate how to properly shoulder a weapon.

#6 jekfokys: Te quedo hermosoooo

#7 vovonah: Hello dear friends I have lifehacks,pranks and magic tricks, you need see :)

#8 linheart1: Maast cars brooo

#9 stimiroll: amazing

#10 Splatters: Jo

#11 ssrulit: I liked all characters except Becky and Dan's mother.

#12 izia160: Last year I watched 3 films (all on Netflix about how people are dealing with the Apocalypse. One was These Final Hours . Once our protagonist meets the little girl I was immediately tense and my gut was in knots. The film has several amazing character arcs, though, and like the other two films it's ending might not be what we want but it was honest and satisfying in a way I can't describe save to say they made me cry. The other two films were Melancholia by Aronofsky starring Kirsten Dunst. Every frame was a painting and the mood was so thick. It was like swimming in syrup. I think every performance is spot on in this film. Then (the lightest of the three and most sentimental): Seeking a Friend for the End Of The World starring Steve Carrell and Kiera Knightly. As I look at this list if I made a day of watching all three I would probably view them in this order, too. While I would not want to watch these films often I have to say I would purchase all three.

#13 sergio77: Uh

#14 Thaide07: 1 like =the more people don't die on any of these bridges

#15 prototype77: The bull probably thought the woman was a cow.

#16 puhlik99: I will think.

#17 leoz: not to be weird, but I can stop peeing when I'm peeing

#18 tribegt: 0:14 I like that future

#19 soultex: voy a dejar de ser fan de titi y voy a ser solo tu fan JJ slime slime quiero el reto con slime siiiiiiiiiiiii

#20 ballist74: hola lara

#21 wolark: I cought a alligator snapping turtle in a swampy pond/small lake in my subdivistion in upper Michigan when I was a kid. thing was prolly about 80 pounds and as wide as a saucer sled.

#22 lpyceji27: 2:40 Scar has no friends. Not even in HELL. Brother killer, traitor. He mostly wants the Outsiders the lions who worship Scar.

#23 vladislav777: All the assholes who keep calling him a douchbag, or saying good riddance, think about what youre saying. He is the reason youre texting on your apple phone. At least he did more than any of the comments below me, typing away with their grimy little hands and itching their hairy asses.

#24 Dayana: Love y'all too

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I remember the list being longer there's was a famous. No text is allowed in the textbox. How do you think I'm doing? I very often say "spectacular," no matter how I actually feel. At minding my own business?

150 Funny and Witty Answers to the Question "How Are You?".

witty response to how are you
My name is Irene, 23.: I am an energetic woman, I love to sing and dance, with me you will not be bored. I will make every day of yours a holiday from which you will not tire. I will be a song in your soul. The whole world is created for us, take my hand and let's meet our dawn together.

Trying to get on with life..

  • This never fails in bringing on the chuckles. In my personal experiences, black guys seem to always come up with the coolest responses..
  • 1. I'm Better on the inside than I Look on the outside
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It usually gets a chuckle..

  • Jan 22, - Hello, how are you? You see, it actually is easy to answer that question with a simple “I'm fine, thank you.” However, humans are very complex.
  • Oct 9, - Q) How are you? A) Spiritually? Physically? Socioeconomically? Well? B) My lawyer says I don't have to answer that question. C) I'm telling my press secretary  Conversations: What are some witty responses to.
  • Your friends will expect you to say "fine" or "good," so shake things up by providing an unexpected answer. Here are some of the most humorous replies to "How.

Responnse you're working, witty response to how are you them "can't complain". B My lawyer says I don't have to answer that question. Your comment has just made me realise the supreme irony of the modern usage of the word yuo - formerly meaning happiness and a carefree attitude - as a word to describe a state of being which still, in spite of everything, has such a great degree of internal conflict and social stigma attached to it. How do you think I'm doing? My dad's catch phrase. Not so good, but I plan on lying at my press conference.

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What POS thumb downed this information. Its literally just the truth .

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Larry Nance Jr Tristan Kardashian

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4:59 thats not a vine

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Okay, for those of you that are confused about what is going on between 3:00 and 4:00. she is cutting the jeans because of the excess fabric at the side seam. Take an old pair of throw away jeans and cut 2 inches off. On standard straight or flared jeans you will discover the original hem is shorter than the leg circumference. Notice as she lines up the side to the side seam she clips each side as it meets up with the seam. She then uses these clips to marks for her line up and sew up the side leg so it aligns properly with the original hems circumference.

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Matt I've got a great picture of the sun simulator how to i get them to you .people need to see. .its the best one yet. You can see every detail.please let me know how to send them to you .

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I was pretty excited when I saw you were having Adam on, I started following him after you shouted him out a few podcasts ago. The dudes an animal and an amazing hunter. First day of deer archery is this Saturday, hopefully I bag something nice haha

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Yes I knew it

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S9 is old and outdated this is the future good job lg

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PUTO ARES! de mierda. No lo dudo que lo quiera vender, es una puta ese Ares de Rata.

#11 13.05.2018 at 06:29 leraruuu2009:
Tin taiwan

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I saw a 90 foot gorrila on TV kidnapping white chicks in new York and these guys fighting with laser swords in space ships too.

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Trab pu kcip

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Poor Rubin's always lashing out because Cenk won't give his nonsense the time of day.

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it works better with a tin foil hat

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Go to 40:00

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No falta los envidiosos que no aseptar que cr7 es mejor que mes10

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esto est caliente. Yo confo en mis poderosas guilas vamos por la 13 sii seor arriba el Amrica vamos. a poner huevos mis campeonas vamos dise puede odiame ms tu odio me ase ms fuerte arre mi ame

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Sehr gut.90's

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Thank you