Gerber mark ii serial number dating

gerber mark ii serial number dating
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Gerber Mark II

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DESCRIPTION: The Gebrer knives are found on knives supposedly in the serial range of - It took a few years for all of the knives to be sold and no more were made. So knives can be found that have no serial gerber mark ii serial number dating and some are totally unmarked, missing both a serial number and the Gerber logo..

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Gerber Mark II - Wikipedia

I was told that there were problems maintaining a constant blade thickness with the forging method. First, the sword axis is slanted with respect to the knife blade's long axis and the sword handle is somewhat angular and composed of straight lines. The handle seems to be one of the 20th. Each knife has its own wood case made of mahogany. However, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the first and second slant logos because of an extra heavy stamp. Although it is fairly rare to find a blade without the Gerber Logo, this knife is only a "Lunch Box Special".

Gerber Mark II.

gerber mark ii serial number dating
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Edited by gunbarrel, 18 December - The 01 prefix on the serial number stands for the year .

  • The bonus is that I learnt about a great new site that I can refer Gerbaholics to!!.
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The only documentation I have is a copy of a flyer from Adrian Van Dyk that states:.

  • G E R B E R M A R K I I P R O D U C T I O N T A B L E 0 3 / 2 5 / 1 7. N O R M A L P R O D U C T I O N K N I V E S. Year Mfg. Serial Range, No. Made, Knife Name, Blade .. (gg) Gerber records indicated that there were two knives for each serial number from CS through CS, the first in and the second in
  • Date or production tables relate Gerber Mark II serial numbers to the years they were manufactured. Nine major and several minor tables/lists exist. However there are some discrepancies between them. Remember, that in the early years, Gerber did not keep careful records. It was nearly 14 years later in that a table.
  • 2) The Gerber logo on the Anniversary knives is of the Slant 2 type, while the originals are of the Slant 1 type. (See Blade Logos for more info). IMPORTANT: The Presentation knives have their own serial number ranges and the Mark II's serial number and date information does not apply. NOTE: I have heard reports that  ‎CAT'S TONGUE · ‎GRAY HANDLES · ‎BLACK HANDLES · ‎ORANGE HANDLES.

Militaria Forum Forums Members More. You currently have javascript disabled. Two types are considered "fine" and one type "coarse" as follows: See Mark II Knives for more information on the knife and production code. In mid Januaryan identical type knife with serial ES sold on ebay. The Cat's Tongue handles are found on the early knives as well as the 20th.

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