My wife is a fluffer

my wife is a fluffer
My name is Emily, 27 years: I am a very friendly and cheerful person. I like to meet new friends and communicate with them. I also like to play sports. I am sure that health is really an important thing! I like to travel, to see my relatives. I like to help people. I am always ready to help everybody!.

Jamie has a fluffer (Remix song)

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Being a Humiliated Fluffer - Cuckold Husband

She was grunting and groaning and yelling at him, "Keeping going, right there, right there, don't stop. The really didn't give a shit that I was there. Then there was the time in Worcester, Massachusetts, when we shot the artful erotic masterpiece Awakening in Blue. Naked Beer and I thank you for your support. She had a date with a guy she had been talking to for a few weeks and invited me to come along. I have two options:

What Is A Fluffer?.

my wife is a fluffer
My name is Adrienne, 21.: I can be funny little girl, tender woman, reliable friend, muse and inspiration i do not know yet how to be wife, but i want this, i want to be best wife in the world for beloved man. We were born to be happy and loved, and we have been given chance to love and share happiness and positive emotions. I am looking for real love and real meeting! I am very caring, kind, understanding and tender woman who have much love inside. I am very loyal and committed woman so I will give all my love just to one man. I have right values and need to create strong and happy family.

So, lets start out assuming that you have heard the word, but have no idea what it means..

  • You see, the word fluffer in cuckolding is when the boyfriend or husband is the one that keeps the bull hard during sexual activity with the wife or girlfriend..
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  • Should I let my wife work as a fluffer? | Yahoo Answers

I was so humiliated Much like if it were your job, you need to be a good cock sucker fluffer for your girlfriend or wife and her man..

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  • Mar 31, - You know the fluffer myth -- she's the tall-tale woman hired for the sole Next thing I knew, there was a gentle hand on my shoulder and a soft.
  • Nov 19, - I can give you is I would NOT want my spouse doing any such "work" as that!! NO way in this world would I agree to it. It may end up ruining.

So your wife is going to be putting other mens penis's in her mouth and you are considering allowing that? And My wife is a fluffer also noticed as I sat there in my eife, that I had a total boner, which I guess told me something. She may have you entertain one man or amuse her by sucking many cocks. Without thinking, I said "Sure", and up we went. Think about that one too!!

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