Top 10 indie movies of all time

top 10 indie movies of all time
My name is Paula, 25 years: I am feminine and I can say that I am a real woman! I feel comfortable both in a little black dress and in jeans, I know how to care about my man and how to stay ‘unread’ for him. I want him to open something new in me every day! I am honest and faithful! I can’t stand cheating as I know how it hurts and I don’t want to hurt anybody. My glass is always half full and I know that sooner or later all my dreams come true! Maybe YOU will help me to realize them?.

Top 10 Hipster Movies

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DESCRIPTION: You go through the movie believing that Donnie is crazy and in the end everyone else is in the wrong. Salo, or the Days of Sodom 2. This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh. Donnie Darko is my favorite movie of all time. It movues one of those movies that you probably heard about during its Oscar run, and have since delayed actually viewing it..

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An American romantic comedy, Beginners is told through a series of flashbacks telling the story of Oliver and his complicated and difficult relationship with his father. Pink Flamingos , d. In her crisis, Ally realizes that she has long given up going after her own dreams and decides to set herself a new goal: Nebraska is a poem distilled into a film. George Lucas Before there was Star Wars , George Lucas made this dystopian vision of a future in a galaxy quite close by.

The 50 Best Overlooked Indie Movies of All-Time.

top 10 indie movies of all time
My name is Rita, 19.: My style of clothing is a classic, since I am a financial manager. I have to adhere to this style.

How old are you?.

  • You may not believe it but the series that made Arnold Schwatzenegger famous started as an indie film..
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The Blair Witch Project Taking a subject matter that '50s Hollywood wouldn't touch with a barge-pole - the tensions within a black family arising when a young woman Leila Goldoni starts dating white men - Cassavetes ignores all the tricks of the mainstream to jazz up his simple story, instead opting for an almost home movie approach where you are allowed to get under the skin of the central character..

  • Here is a ranking of the 40 best indie movies of all time. Secretary. secretary. “Who's to say that love needs to be soft and gentle?!” —Dr. Twardon. This is a.
  • Independent film's best works prove that talented directors don't need best indie movies. Today It's also one of the most important horror movies of all time.
  • Below is a list of the best little-known/indie movies that spans across all genres. Note: to User rating: /10 A quirky little movie about a reporter trying to get a story about a man who posted an ad looking for someone to travel in time with.

As Summer and Tom, they fall in love and spend a romantic few months together until things start to fall apart. Night of the Living Dead 9. The actors are great, the music is splendid, the photography is wonderful, and the scenario and dialogue are perfect. As the years progress, my top 10 indie movies of all time year-end tallies continue to grow. Hey Hollywood - you can't win without women. Shane Meadows Most films on this list are here because of the man behind the camera. Our indie flick checklist will allow you to experience the full film festival experience, minus the IRL hipsters.

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