I am so scared to pursue smth i have always wanted

i am so scared to pursue smth i have always wanted
My name is Angela, 19 years: I have many good qualities; I am very kind and cheerful, loyal, warm-hearted. I am as a tender flower. I like to be caring. I am always attentive. If my friends need my help, I am ready to help them. I have a nice family; I have a sister and a brother, parents. I live together with my family, we are friendly and close, but in the future, I would like to create my own family, that’s why I decided to join this site. I am young but ready for this serious step in my life. I like comfort and spending time at home doing my favorite things! I do not like drama, I like peace and I am sure that all problems are possible to solve. I hate liars, quarrels. We always can discuss everything, that’s why for me it will be very important to have mutual understanding with my man..

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DESCRIPTION: No matter how intimidating that hill seems now, you have to tell yourself you will make it to the top, and that whatever your goal is, you can get there. It might lead to a Bafta — or a job in your local Co-op. Scaged is your world and your life and it's not a dress rehearsal..

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Just because you want to be a musician doesn't mean you have to be a struggling artist. Toured for a year but it fell apart. What have you got to lose? But on the same page, there is nothing to say you won't strike it big, and become wildly successful. It's not about me. Just know at some point you'll have to jump in totally. Look back at your life in 90 days, 6 months and a year.

How to (Finally!) Find the Courage to Pursue Your Dream.

i am so scared to pursue smth i have always wanted
My name is Anita, 27.: I like cooking especially Ukrainian and Japanese cosine.

There is almost no glamour in the music business. Follow your dreams image via Shutterstock..

  • If this is what you want, you'll find a way to make it come true..
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  • Dump the Doubt
  • How to (Finally!) Find the Courage to Pursue Your Dream

It was in fact growing, because it felt like I had no control over it..

  • Dec 2, - I have always been a sensitive person, afraid to offend people, afraid of being disliked. I am scared I am already all too familiar with where comfort would lead me. In the past, I I decided I don't want to live through life knowing I was somebody who gave up pursuing dreams for pursuing comfort. The truth.
  • Sep 23, - Pursuing your passion can mean different things to different people, but no matter your definition, it seems people always have a reason why they can't do it. If you're someone who has always wanted to follow your dream but never gained any traction, here are some answers.
  • Jan 14, - The dilemma Hey! This is my dilemma. I've always wanted to be an actress, since I was very little. My passion is to act. Still, it's a secret and only my best friend knows it because I could never tell my parents. I can't bring myself to do it. They want me to study a traditional career, so I thought of architecture.

But never something to let rule your life and never be the sole reason for listening to it. Get out there if you feel passionate! Now for the real advice. Life is sometimes brutal and unfair and unspeakably horrendous. But just think of this as your job now.

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