Is he still in love with me test

is he still in love with me test
My name is Katie, 20 years: Hello you Mister who reads my profile. I am glad to let you to my world and I hope that you would like inside :) I am sure you want to know who is that girl reading on those pictures and I will tell you that there is nice lady, who likes to take everything this life gives to her. I can't tell that I lived long life but every moment I learn something new. My friends would tell that I am Energizer girl.Most of all I enjoy being active and creative.I like sports and doing different activities..


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DESCRIPTION: And he goes tewt my school. We broke up two weeks ago, and all my friends want me to move on. But when we were outside, we were for some reason talking about heights..

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He does look at me a lot, but he does have a girlfriend, and he's the one that broke up with me, so Found out about some secrets he had and continued a relationship with him. Oopsies I posted twice. And he ain't no ex anymore. He does not pay as much attention to you anymore.

Do I Have a Love, Lust or Loser Relationship? Quiz.

is he still in love with me test
My name is Beatrice, 28.: Will you give me this ???

Plzzz forgive anddd come back my love!! My ex and I were best friends since preschool and then he asked me out in 3rd and 4th and we didn't talk for a while cuz I just ran off!.

  • I love the logic of this xD. I miss him so so badly..
  • Wanna Know Does He Still Love Me?
  • Does his friends ask you if you still have feelings for him?
  • Is it Love, Lust or Loser Relationship Quiz

Yet his claiming to love me..

  • Feb 1, - Does he ask your friends about you? A. Yes. B. No. 2. Is he interested in anybody else? A. Yes. B. No. 3. Is he warm and friendly towards you?
  • May 22, - Do you think that he's still interested in you? No. Does he ever tell you that he loves you! They don't like me/I've never personally met them.
  • Thanks for the test but I still have legit no clue whether she still does, mainly because So this says that he still loves me but he broke up wth me two days ago.

Debbie February 3,9: Obestcynthia I want to no why he love me. You have the possibility to design the text. Bhycy July 12,7: This really shocked me because I thought we had something special. Yes, almost every day!

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