Sex of a beta fish

sex of a beta fish
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Betta Breeding

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DESCRIPTION: Betta fish can live anywhere from years when given proper care. You can clearly see the egg sack inside her just behind her lower jaw. Males and females fight, and it's best to keep them separate..

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Description of a Male Vs. Female Betta | Animals -

DM Dee Mul Dec 5, Going to read more into how to breed, as I also have a female, she just has not matured enough yet. I have several bettas. Thank you once again, and I'll stay in touch if anything turns up, keep up the great work Sarah. So my male fish has bubble nests all over the surface of the water, I never plan on breeding him. Help answer questions Learn more. Can you help me?

How to Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish.

sex of a beta fish
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Regardless of what you see at pet stores, male and female Betta fish are quite different..

  • These are typically male traits, and, consequently, most pet stores sell and stock only male Bettas. Do you have any tips?.
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Hope this helped, Sarah. Hello, I'm a first time betta owner and my boyfriend and I both have bettas..

  • Apr 26, - How to Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish. Betta fish are widely known as fighting fish. Frequently sold in individual containers, you might.
  • Mar 6, - Taking the following characteristics into account should help you determine the sex of your Betta. Keep in mind that juvenile fish may not.
  • If your looking for a great video to find out your betta gender you come to the right place. This video will help.

Check for egg spots on the female. I am pretty sure it is a male and it is a veiltail but i wanted to make sure. Boy, That Anonymous kid looks pretty silly good thing they are Anonymous. I try to keep sex of a beta fish email private though, sorry. This spot is the ovipositor tube, which the eggs will come out off during spawning. If it looks elongated and pointy at the end, there's a chance it will be male. A Anonymous Jul 31,