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#2 e1rond: If channel 4 and Guru-Murthy keep doing this for publicity, they are just making the world a worse place!

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I have watched this so plenty of times and I think this is by far one of the best documentaries that shows what the shuttle is thanks for the upload 10/10

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As soon as that HUNGRY HIPPO.said Kobe wasn't a scorer I stopped the video. I can't with this b.s. Get some REAL analyst.who know the game. For fuck sakes.

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Nice can you do more vids with king bach

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guys, try to follow along Yeah we are Cenk, and Ben is tearing you apart

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asher's james impression is spot on lol

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Was the team in green and their fans from prison? They all acted like a bunch of THUGS!

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Video starts at 1:05. Thank me later

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