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#1 nfhfcbr79: Miracle Whip is not mayonnaise. It is an abomination. Why did you lie to those kids.

#2 tyt8n: Where's Zeus and why did Roman just leave Noah out there?

#3 artemkakent: Being a fibromyalgia sufferer for 20 years which causes pain ALL OVER and having been born with hip dysplasia which caused me to have ruptured discs. Both of these resulted in a back surgery AND double full hip replacement all within the last 4 years. With all of this pain and suffering you would think I would be taking lots of opiates. NOPE! I have found that pain meds actually have very little pain medicine in them. I also found that when the medicine wore off I would be in even more pain. After my second hip surgery this past September, I refused pain meds and left the hospital just 30 hours after major surgery. I went home and slept for nearly 2 days which was way more effective than these so called pain relievers. I did however take Tylenol arthritis which actually has more pain relief medicine in it. Not taking opiates is my own personal choice and I have no doubt that I have a higher tolerance to pain than a lot of people but, opiates only trick your brain into THINKING you feel better which keeps you from the REST that your body actually needs for healing. Very few people who take pain meds are actually resting. Instead they are out driving, working and putting not only themselves in danger but, everyone else too. Addiction really sucks but the meds are not necessarily the cause. They have proven years ago that some people are more predisposed to addition than others. So maybe, just like people who want a gastric bypass or a vasectomy or even a divorce, counseling is certainly something that should be implemented along with prescribing. This is just so sad but, we are all responsible for our own well being. Take control of your life and be proactive about your health choices. The pharma co. makes the drug, the dr. gives you permission to take it and the pharmacist gives you access to it. However, no one forces you to take it. You are the one in control of what goes into your body.

#4 radioi: 1:37 that wasn't from Warner Bros, it's from the Nostalgia critic

#5 snikers777: Seor Luis, me paro de pie y le aplaudo , es usted un maestro del detalle, del decoro y del arte.

#6 vova43: Kristen Wiig really saves the sketches in SNL.

#7 simplervaiper: 4:33 so true! Good lesson

#8 isledemuerto: AlErT aLeRt: curry has become a blood

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#10 gerha: YESH SHISTER!

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#12 machenzy: Let's be clear, I'm only here for Shane I can't stand Tana

#13 Vutaur: Ive never seen Lindsay actually get irritated before. She was legit about to freak out at Aleks. I was getting so uncomfortable I would have tried it though. Oooh boy. Dude the ending.

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Brian Cox in some of the scariest movies ever lol

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Y los secretos? Todo lo que mencionas se explican en la propia pelcula.

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He ended it cribs style hahaha

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very beautiful, by Imam.

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Could someone make a version of this without a laugh track for extra awkwardness

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When you realize. That you cant make any of these.

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You just see tha one pixel zooming past all tha others. then they add points to the scoreboard

#16 07.10.2018 at 08:01 AlexCross:
how the hell did they transition from him interviewing them to her interviewing him

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me gusto la decoracion .

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At the last one I'm like that's cute but then wtf happend

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Let's start a chain Sixth Ranger Morphing sequences. I'll start: Quantum Power!

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Why is that the video does not say where the sighting occurred? We need to be non guard to prevent abductions.