Things said while drunk

things said while drunk
My name is Paula, 20 years: Have i traveled? - yes, i have! many countries, would like tell more in personal talk.


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DESCRIPTION: Skip to main content. A few weekends ago I came out with the winner: At the top of your Firefox window, to the left of the web address, you should see a green lock. Things said while drunk girl who liked me got really drunk one night and texted me something..

#1 guban: Nice. Boobs

#2 bladerok: Did a child make this or what this is stupid

#3 kaktys119: A rock let's call it a animal oh and some other rocks old stuff

#4 DarkMolly: Juan Williams is a socialist American hater and is from Panama. He would like for you to think is an American black man. He is a Lation from Central America. He is/was a Manual Noriega supporter. He was part of the movement to make the US get out of Panama. Juan is simply an asshole.

#5 tonisiska: bakit po ang tagal lutuin? dba magiging matigas ang pusit kapag niluto nang matagal?

#6 kisser: Hay que tener en cuenta tambin el factor de la radiacin que pueda emitir su sol. Aunque lo mas importante es que solo hay tres planetas, lo que deja a esos pobres a merced de los asteroides, que seguro los estn bombardeando constantemente. La tierra tiene la suerte de tener muchos planetas que le sirven de escudo, sobretodo jpiter, que sin el la tierra estara tan fusilada que si bien tendra vida, nunca podra haber tenido tiempo para que evolucionara. Por lo tanto creo que si pueden tener vida, pero inteligente no.

#7 nhecs: I watched this in 5th grade class


#9 dahuji720: I see Kobe being one of the, if not, the greatest player of all time, LeBron isn't at that level of play becuz of one simple skill he can't master, LOYALTY!

#10 gjdfh8899: Damm he on

#11 evertonjp157: Well, I once spent a morning. :/

#12 ricael: She was and is very beautiful a humanitarian but what I don't like about her is that she knew Brad Pitt was married but still dated him and married him. Jennifer and Brad might've had issues I don't know. But doing a movie and ending up with your married co star is just not right in my book. Let the man divorce then he's all yours the next day. No matter what, God is not happy with what she allowed with a married man.

#13 llucker: Evangeline you are so cute and your so prettu i love your videos so much

#14 gbljh6: Anak kecil goblok yg ini, yg video satu nya yg cerdas cerdas cars makanya

#15 asteryss: 158

#16 reyjbnb: which episode is this session from?

#17 gyzlik: En sonuncu cirkinmis

#18 vasik1: Despite recent events WHAT?

#19 ukfp11: Partial: 0:20 Total: 0:52 Ring Of Fire: 0:51

#20 Itvink07: I personally think that the teens dancing is symbolic of SOME (definitely not all teens taking school shootings as their 5 minutes of fame

#21 Totti2009: So happy she's okay I love you Carrie

#22 oleg80: Kristen I LOVE U Kristen I LOVE U

#23 tulpan1: I love these videos! Thank you for good content Salmonella! :D*

No excuses: The science behind what’s said while drunk

New York, NY 52 friends 29 reviews. Filter posts by subject: To me, what is really interesting is how people answer this question! I looked at him and said "Hey, I really love blueberries We were sitting in the car and she goes silent

The funniest things you’ve said and done while drunk.

things said while drunk
My name is Jenna, 23.: I am kind of woman who will never judge a book by its cover.

Apparently, in those times, any councils and discussions had to take place whilst the participants were drinking, in order to get everyones true feelings on the matter..

  • To this day she won't tell me what I said to her that made her so mad the night before. Walking home from Ribfest last night, older guy is on the sidewalk walking in front of us 10 or so feet..
  • 19 Things Girls Say When They’re Drunk
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  • What's the Funniest Drunk Thing You've Ever heard (or Said)? | New York - Yelp

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  • Aug 13, - 27 Of The Funniest Things People Have Drunk-Texted I texted my younger sister when i was drunk once and all it said was, "I am a bad role.
  • Aug 11, - Drunk Talk Is Real Talk: The Science Behind What You Said Last Night You see yourself, all over again, doing those things you can't believe dulls the brain's “alarm signal" that warns you when you are making a mistake.
  • Aug 12, - No excuses: The science behind what's said while drunk things you can't believe you did and saying those things you can't believe you said.

I'm not sure if he was so drunk that he was serious, or making a joke. Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information, real or fake, will result in a ban without a prior warning. My hilariously straight-laced and politically-correct friend got really drunk on wine, of course and said something that sparked me to tell him "Congratulations. In fact, we have a lot of them. The looking glass self is the idea that we instinctively look at things said while drunk, even with no things said while drunk around, and think what tori black hot naked must look like to others. My friend started hugging it and said, "dude try this- except you cant hug it like its a person, you have to hug it like a punching bag". My mom looks at me and stage whispers "shhhh don't tell my kids i was drinking" k mom.

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Clodett tu mam lleva toda la casa en el bolso

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I HATE fish

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Andrew's eyes were like Uhh. when asked about seasons other than MMPR. Ciara and Azim are now officially my favorite.

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Lol east London is still a crap hole.

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30 lile

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that salad looks delicious! and i love the blouse you're wearing. i look forward to seeing more of your recipes! thank you for sharing!

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Las drogas son malas, el que entendi entendi

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En el minuto 00:19 hay un error claro que si hay yemas blancas las yemas de los dedos XD. tampoco ustedes dijeron que s trataba de huevos .

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por favor como elimino la flema

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The more trump is exposed to scrutiny the more he succeeds. Trumps probably anonymously leaking on himself then blaming other people. he is a very stable genius

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so jormungadr does not speak a dead language, but an future language?

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No tiene lgica revelar los Trucos

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iske liye kitne spoon jarrorat hai?

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Hola samanta me encantan tus videos eres la mejor YouTuber

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Great vid

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no estoy d acuerdo con lo d la protena animal.

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There was also a Harry Potter improvised scene when Lucius malfoy said let's hope Harry Potter will be there every time to save the day or something like that, and the improvised part was Harry Potter saying don't worry, I will

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. ?

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