Hustler 42 inch vs 48 inch

hustler 42 inch vs 48 inch
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Speed comparison.. gravely compact pro 34 vs. Hustler raptor 36

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DESCRIPTION: It cuts the grass in such a way that grass throws up into your eyes and near chokes you,it is severe to the point of being unbearable. I will say this: I mow about 2. SambOz posted on Mar 06, We have one with a 60" deck..

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Zero-Turn Mowers -

My local small engine expert also spoke volumes of the brand and he doesn't even sell them. One would think that losing a drive belt wouldn't be that big of a deal, even I thought the same thing. I have some pretty steep hills on my lot, so I went with the Fastrak because of the Kawasaki engine and the ZT's. Good luck -- you'll love your new machine. Go with the 48, its nice to have the extra width and the extra trimming on the left side of the deck.

hustler 42 inch vs 48 inch
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The second is I liked the look and feel of the mower compared to some alternatives I looked at like John Deere and Husqvarna..

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You need to get a feeling do a search for professional-consumer lawn care forums for deck size vs number of blades vs required horsepower to maintain sufficient tip speed. I saved hours a week because the John Deere was under powered and needed to mow twice weekly, taking 2..

  • Mar 9, - My shed doors are 54 inches wide so not sure if the 48 will even fit anyways. Thought I'd get Still trying to decide on the 42 vs Is there a.
  • Dec 21, - Another reason to pick the 48" vs. a 42" is that on the right side, the deck extends out a few inches past the rear tire. This is great for 2 reasons.
  • Hustler Raptor 42 inch Review. I hear they have a new 36 I did call a dealer for the 36 42 the same.

Not sure if I'll need the light kit and may even forgo the rear bagger for now. Mar Awful lawn mower. Turn a real task into an enjoyable pastime. You can still pick up some good mowers in that price range, but just do some research. I love my Sport 48". I cut it back off but couldn't figure out where the noise was coming hustleg.

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