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My name is Connie, 22 years: Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. So here I am trying a new way to find a husband and lover. I am considerate, compassionate, warm and fun. Sometimes the wall flower and other times the life and soul of the party. Like most people I am normally in between. I am social and have a good sense of the mood and atmosphere of an occasion and act accordingly to fit in. I am a woman who adapts and can meet the demands of her surroundings whether it be the feminine sophistication for a night at the opera or as the social butterfly at a corporate gathering, or the relaxed and casual times with friends..

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big dick info picture remember
My name is Elizabeth, 27.: As for me I feel that I am a flower which needs the sunlight and somebody’s love, support and admiration. I am a bright flower which is dreaming and waiting for that moment when it makes somebody happy. I am absolutely sure that all of flowers in this world are created to bring happiness and joy. I'm a medical student. I work in the hospital. In detail we can meet with you asking each other questions. And I'm waiting for them ...

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