How to wear a thong without your parents knowing

how to wear a thong without your parents knowing
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DESCRIPTION: I also get really khowing underwear lines with my jeans. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Be sure to wait until your mom is in a happy mood and just come out with it. If they find out later they may me much more mad at you, so why make a big production out of out..

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Celebs Inside: How to Buy and Wear Thong Underwear Without Your Parents Knowing

Do you want lace? How do you wear nappies without your parents knowing? I let my daughter wear thongs because I think that there is no major difference between normal panties and thongs. I hate panties lines and I hate always having to pick at my underwear. When the thong sticks out the back of your jeans it's a real concern and it not sexy or clever. Then slowly transition into getting thongs instead. Sometimes I just give up and rock the panty lines in my leotards and jeans.

Explore Underwear, Parents, and more!.

how to wear a thong without your parents knowing
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Even if they seem trustworthy, in a moment of anger or forgetfulness, they might tell your parents about it. Hi im 13 and my aunt is strict and wont let me even barley go to vs vitoria's secret for perfume.

  • If they do not want to talk about it anymore, at least you know the reason for future reference. Coming home with a ton of clothes and no receipt looks pretty suspicious!.
  • How can I get a thong without my parents knowing?
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  • Buy and Wear Thong Underwear Without Your Parents Knowing | Underwear

If your parents think you need it so you don't have panty lines, and not because your showing it off, you'll be fine..

  • Convincing your parents to let you wear a thong may seem like an impossible task. this is to Buy and Wear Thong Underwear Without Your Parents Knowing.
  • Feb 9, - Wearing it should be the easy part; as long as you don't walk around in your underwear, they should never know. You will have to wash and dry  How to start buying thongs without my parents knowing.
  • May 11, - I have underwear that my parents don't know about, too, I've done this stuff . know why they would, cause in reality you need to wear a thong.

I'm just tired of having people allways mention to me how to wear a thong without your parents knowing I have Vpl and if I'm not allowed to wear it to school So when you i miss you letters to him your mum, just tell her if you can try a thong to get rid of the panty lines in your favourite pants or perhaps your school trousers. Especially satin and nylon! I confronted her and suggested that we shop together for underwear that knoeing fit her better. But to convince someone like your mum this may not be enough. They don't see the use of them besides looking trying to look "trashy". My mom and dad are very strict and very christian, and they say that everything I wear right now is for naughty resins should I just keep hiding it till I get to college?

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