Spank your wife with razor strop

spank your wife with razor strop
My name is Ethel, 24 years: I am a serious and strict woman, because of my job. Inside myself like a two different persons: one of them is very serious, like order and rules. Other one is romantic, family oriented, liking home comfort, pets, friends and relatives. You see, I am sensitive and tender at home, and strong women at work. So, you can discover 2 different persons. But I am not looking for a boss here- I am looking for a husband. Let me say, that in any place and situation I am optimistic and try to rich my goals. Now - it is finding my soulmate and creating a happy long relationship in nearest future! My hobby is collection edged (bladed) weapons, such as knives. I like camping, riding my motorbike, playing on guitar and sing campfire songs..

The Endless Spankings of Classic Hollywood

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DESCRIPTION: My father always got the top five stars for the deep welts on my poor bum. He reached forward and took down the razor strop. I stayed looking at my scuffed shoes awaiting his permission to stand..

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razor strop | Male on male spanking stories

Bob closed the door, looked around the room furtively. Ramsey knew he was on to a good thing. His victims had decided to fight back. Instead, he became a footpad. Ramsey sat silently, watching. His face was crimson. Corporal punishment was imminent:

Daughter Gets the Razor Strap - (Spanking).

spank your wife with razor strop
My name is Margie, 23.: I am good-looking woman who is seeking for her true love. I am funny and have good sense of humor. I can consider myself as beautiful woman and what is more i like to keep fit. It will bring me so much pleasure to take care of my man. I have a lot of love to give and my biggest dream is to feel love and be loved.

He was an independent adult. Two minutes after the bell had stopped ringing for end of school my knock on the study door received a haughty response..

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They were at the mercy of Aldermaston and his cronies. Soon, Bob found himself in the Colonial Service, serving in some godforsaken hole in The Dark Continent that nobody had never heard of..

  • Dec 17, - Jessica gets the razor strop. Subscribe to My Videos · Become Friends. Video Favorited: Spanked OTK and forced to masturbate on her panties. Spanked Husband Disciplines Wife with Belt and Paddle.
  • Mar 17, - wherein a dominant lady whips his bottom with her heaviest razor strop. Enjoy thousands of free spanking photos and clips at SpankBuzz.
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The flesh shuddered under the impact as the cane struck the same spot over and over. It even smelt like the one his father had. Then, unceremoniously he took me by the stroop of the neck and pushed me over the back of the worn-out sofa. Strapped for Smoking by Dad. He turned to see Jimmy, his face pale and spank your wife with razor strop lips parted in astonishment. It was he who had told dad. Eventually, Aunt Alice imposed a curfew:

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